Fat Shark 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver Module V2, 32CH Race Band

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5G8 32 channel (4 band) antenna diversity receiver module with Race Band.
Note that this is not a true diversity solution; it is an antenna diversity that combines the range benefits of an omni and directional antenna. It does not reduce video breakup (other than the benefit of better signal strength of directional antenna) nor is the receiver suitable for flying at limits as in snow conditions it will switch between antenna looking for best signal.

The Fat Shark Antenna switching diversity module combines the coverage of directional and omni antennae into a single receiver.  Installs directly into modular equipped Fat Shark headsets.  Receives common bands (Fat Shark, band A, E and the popular Race Band).

Package includes

  • 90 degree SMA adapter 
  • 45 degree SMA adapter 
  • White dual hole Dominator door